Recovery After Injury and Sport

Injuries happen in sports. It is a risk that athletes take every day when they step on the field or court. Injuries can range from sprains and strains to fractures and concussions, but at the end of the day, each injury has something in common: it will be painful for an athlete to recover from. The Lawrenceville Sports Medicine discusses some ways you can help an injured athlete get back into shape with sport medicine!

-Ice the injury to reduce swelling

-Compress the area if it is a muscle strain or sprain, this will help decrease pain and keep blood flow going through that region. This can be done with an ace bandage, for instance, but never wrap tightly because this could lead to more damage!

Lawrenceville Sports Medicine

-Rest from activities until you feel better again. You should always consult your doctor before resuming any activity in order to prevent further injuries (remember they are usually really experienced at determining how bad your injury might be!) -Use anti inflammatory medication like ibuprofen to relieve some of the inflammation around injured areas which often accompanies these types of injuries that are due to over-use or repetitive motion.

-If you are recovering from a fracture, then getting back into physical activity is sometimes the best way to help speed up your recovery time! Activities like cycling on a stationary bike can be very helpful in this process because they will not put as much stress on the injured area of the body and still allow blood flow while also providing some cardiovascular benefits that many other exercise options do not provide. –Ice baths are often used by athletes who have sustained fractures before returning to play because it helps with inflammation (so key after these types of injuries!)

-Get plenty of rest during your injury’s healing period so that you don’t become too deconditioned whilst out for an extended amount of time!