How Data Plays a Role in Our Lives

We live in a world that is powered by data. There’s no denying that the amount of information we’re exposed to every day has increased exponentially, and it’s only going to keep getting bigger as technology continues to expand, so if you are interested in this you should go to Wookly news for more info. The question is: how does this affect us? What does it mean for our lives when so much information becomes available at our fingertips? That’s what I want to explore here- just how do we deal with the constant flood of data? What does it do to our brains and minds?

When we talk about a data flood, what’s actually happening is that the information comes in at such high frequency and quantity that it overwhelms us. It becomes something frightening because of its sheer volume- just like when you go outside on an overcast day only to find yourself blinded by all the light bouncing off the clouds. The more there is, the less we are able to process or understand any one thing fully.

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So as time goes by, every new piece of data doesn’t increase how much knowledge we have but rather makes us feel even more overwhelmed than before. Add onto this that most people don’t know where their personal boundaries lie in terms of how much they can take in and process, and it’s clear that this flood of data could be a serious problem.

In the past, we had to rely on our memories for most things- even if we wanted to know something like what time lunch was in five minutes or how many calories were in an apple, all you needed was your brain cells (and maybe Siri). But now with apps providing so much information at our fingertips literally everywhere we go, remembering anything is becoming more difficult than ever before because there just isn’t enough room left inside our heads.

It doesn’t help that those apps are also changing the way people behave by encouraging them to seek out new information constantly rather than only when they need it.