The Battle Over Payments: BlueSnap vs Paypal

BlueSnap is a payment processor that lets you accept credit card payments and checks online. They also provide an API for integrating with your website or point-of-sale system, as well as 24/7 customer service. PayPal is the most popular online payment processing service in the world, and their services include eCheck payments, mobile transactions, and traditional credit card transactions.

The main difference between BlueSnap and PayPal is that BlueSnap can accept credit card payments, eChecks, or even paper checks as well as recurring billing. They also have a direct gateway for accepting offline transactions from POS systems. On the other hand, PayPal has been known to freeze accounts if they suspect fraudulent activity. This includes not only individual users but also small business owners who use their services to process sales orders through eBay or Amazon marketplaces.


BlueSnap offers lower fees than PayPal no matter which package you choose – including its free plan! It takes less time to set up an account with them because of how easy it is to integrate into your website or payment processing system without needing any special programming skills at all. In addition, there are many more features for online selling, such as a built-in shopping cart and an intuitive user interface.

PayPal has been the most popular payment processor for years because of its ease of use and ubiquity in global markets . It was one of the first companies to offer eCheck payments that are processed immediately while bypassing some or all card security steps. They also have unique features like instant transfers between account holders and faster access to funds than BlueSnap offers. However, PayPal is not available everywhere globally – it’s banned from China and India, for example — which means your company may lose out on potential prospects if you don’t accept other forms of payment too.