What is a Freight Forwarder?

It’s important to have a freight forwarder when you are shipping goods overseas. They help make sure that the shipment is insured, tracked and delivered at the destination on time. Freight forwarder Brisbane also takes care of customs, taxes and other paperwork. They will work with your sales representative to make sure everything is done properly.

Some countries require that the company has a license if they are shipping goods in bulk or hazardous materials which need special handling procedures for insurance purposes and safety reasons. The licenses vary by country so you’ll want to check what’s needed before going ahead with this step.

If you’re looking into signing an agreement with a freight forwarder then these details should be outlined in those agreements before moving on further. If not, then it should be something to discuss as part of the negotiation process.

Freight Forwarder Brisbane

Be sure that your freight forwarder will do what you need them to: You want a company that provides these services so make sure they are on board with this. Asking for references or looking at their website can help provide an idea if they offer all these services or just some of them. Check whether they provide support post delivery: Some companies only offer one service while others have been known to extend outside of just transporting goods overseas which can include things like storage facilities as well as insurance for products being shipped internationally.

Be aware of costs: The freight forwarder will charge a fee for their services. Make sure to find out what the cost is and how it’s calculated before signing anything or proceeding with negotiations.

Consider additional charges: Sometimes there are extra fees associated with certain aspects such as hazardous goods shipping, customs and duties documentation preparation, etc., any costs related transporting over water which is not covered by airfreight rates). Find out if there are any hidden fees: There may be other charges that are not usually covered in these agreements so make sure it’s all laid on the table from the get go, this way you won’t be surprised later on down the road.